COVID-19 Update, the Latest Information - Thailand

21 april 2020

IVL Property is pleased to provide the latest information and updates to our article on Thailand in the midst of the COVOID-19 crisis.

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We are pleased to say Koh Samui appears to be doing well as most people are following suggestions and restrictions to slow down the spread of the virus. Of course, we realize that curfews and an alcohol ban can be an inconvenience but we ask you to follow the rules so we can get back to business.

As we monitor the news from around the world we see a trend in certain countries relaxing lockdowns and allowing shopping, dining and soon travel restrictions to be lifted.

Here is a collection of facts, articles and infographics directly from the sources to keep you well informed.

Thai Immigration Bureau extends visa exemptions to July 31

Tourists currently in Thailand and foreigners with work permits have been granted automatic visa extentions to avoid overwhelming the Immigration Bureau and to abide by the current social distancing suggestions.

Social distancing becomes the new norm

The wearing of masks and a commitment to hand washing has always been a common sight in Asia throughout the influenza season, though it may seem odd to our western clients. Adherence to these reminders and the touchless Thai “wai” greeting may have luckily kept the number of infected down. The Thai government has requested the continuation of these practices and reminds everyone to continue to practice social distancing.

Curfew in effect in Thailand to keep everyone safe

A curfew was put into nationwide effect on Friday, March 27 to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The following graphic explains exemptions to these rules, “A reminder that there is a national curfew from 10:00 P.M. - 4:00 A.M. every day. If you go out during this period you will be arrested & prosecuted. According to the Emergency Decree, there are seven groups of people who can travel during the curfew”

Alcohol ban extended to April 30

The ban on the sale of alcohol was intended to limit social gatherings which can potentially spread the COVID-19 virus. It was definitely effective in keeping people from gathering for Songkran frivolities and has been extended to April 30.

Social distancing recommendations apply to outdoor gatherings

To clarify, as well as avoiding public events such as Muay Tai boxing events, nightclubs, festivals and restaurants, beaches on Samui are also places where caution should be maintained. The sign below notes that “swimming in groups” should be avoided temporarily.

Are you wondering when these restrictions will be lifted?

Thailand appears to have luckily avoided the harsh reality many countries around the world have experienced due to the COVID-19 virus. For information as to when restrictions on entertainment, movement and travel will be lifted, please refer to the statement Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha made, as published in the Bangkok Post on Monday, April 20. will decide later this month

"As we move closer to April 30, it depends on public cooperation and compliance.”

Shopping malls may open on May 1 and there has been talk of various industries opening in phases based on the recovery of the population.

Thailand blocks inbound flights until at least April 30

The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) has extended its inbound flight ban to April 30 except repatriation flights and some others for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) control.

AirAsia announces resumption of domestic flights

Good news for Thai people and foreigners in Thailand, Air Asia will commence domestic flights from May 1. IVL Property extends an invitation to Bangkok residents who surely need a break from the concrete jungle and a chance to walk on the beaches of Koh Samui.

“The resumption of services will initially be for key selected domestic routes, which will increase gradually to include international destinations around the network, once the situation improves and governments lift borders and travel restrictions.”

COVID-19 Thailand update

Here are the latest numbers direct from the Thai government as translated and reported from a trusted source.

Official #COVID19 update in Thailand as noted on Monday: April 20

  • ‪2,792 people infected (+27)‬
  • ‪1,999 discharged (+71)‬
  • 746 in the hospital
  • ‪47 dead‬ (+0)

‪Two more provinces haven’t had any reported #COVID19 cases in the last 14 days bringing the total to 35 provinces. In addition, 9 provinces have never had any reported cases. On the map the red & cream colors represent provinces with cases in the last 7 days & 7-14 days.

Thank you Richard Barrow for the information provided.

Koh Samui COVID-19 update - April

We are all pleased that Koh Samui has luckily avoided a public health crisis, as can be noted from a press release from Public Health Emergency Operations Center, Koh Samui and translated by a Samui Info by Nicha.

Thank you Nicha for the information provided.

Though Koh Samui has luckily avoided the crushing blow COVID-19 has dealt to other cities and countries there are people who rely on tourism for their livelihood and are now having a tough time.

Several individuals, businesses and groups have stepped up to help those in need and are worthy or worthy of your respect and support.

If you would like to lend a hand IVL Property endorses Sister on Samui, a non-profit group of women on the island who are committed to social concerns and have stepped up the challenge of feeding those hurt by the current crisis.

To donate and/or assist visit their Facebook page at or follow these instructions

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IVL Property is pleased to answer any questions you may have so feel free to contact us. If you have the information you feel should be shared then do not hesitate to get in touch.

Make sure you and your loved ones stay safe. Be positive and try to relax…. This will be over soon enough and life will restart in a wonderful way. We look forward to welcoming you back to the island.

Cambodia and Laos to open borders

As governments carefully monitor the spread and subsequent recovery from the COVID-19 virus, countries bordering Thailand begin to allow commerce and essential travel to restart.

The Thai / Laotian border will be open for essential business only as is the Thai / Cambodian border, though people entering from Cambodia will be asked to quarantine for two weeks upon arrival in Thailand.