Essential Koh Samui Dishes

09 february 2016

Koh Samui, with an area of just 228.7 km2 has an amazing selection of dining experiences; from bamboo tables on the beach to mountain side Michelin starred restaurants. It’s easy to understand why many people say, “I come to Koh Samui every year for the great food“.

Thai chicken coconut soup (Tom Kha Gai) ต้มข่าไก่

Koh Samui is often referred to as “the island of Coconuts” so coconuts are plentiful and cheap. Thai Chicken Coconut Soup (Tom Kha Gai) is a wonderfully balanced and hearty soup made of chicken vegetables and herbs. As with certain Thai soups please note the lemongrass, ginger and limes in the dish are essential for flavour and are not meant to be eaten.

Glorious fresh seafood

Fishing boats can be spotted on the horizon all around Koh Samui and the lights of squid fishing vessels can be seen every night. This is good news for fans of seafood as fresh and tasty dishes are readily available.

Prawns are abundant and served on BBQ skewers at walking street or mixed with noodles. Many beachside restaurants prepare a well lit display of freshly caught seafood on ice that guests can purchase by weight and season to taste with sweet and sour, dried garlic and black pepper sauce being the most popular. If you are visiting Thai restaurant we suggest ordering steamed white snapper with lemongrass. For real seafood fans we suggest a visit to one of several fish markets around the island.

Green papaya salad som tam (Thai: ส้มตำ)

The complex and refreshing salad begins with an unripened papaya for the crunch, dry shrimp or salted crab and is drssed in lime, fish sauce, cilantro, and Thai basil. Whether it is served on a plate and decorated with an orchid or prepared in front of you on the beach it is sure to please.

Mango and sticky rice

The simplicity and charm of this simple dish make it a favourite of children and those enjoying fruit based desserts. Mango, which is always in season on Koh Samui, is peeled, sliced served on a bed of sticky rice and drizzled with sweetened coconut milk.

Thai banana pancakes

Ubiquitous around Koh Samui and especially prominent during walking streets, pancake vendors turn the preparation of banana pancakes into performance art. They start with a ball of dough which is flipped and pounded into a thin pancake and filled with sliced bananas or pineapple before being golden browned on a flat griddle and topped with sugar or chocolate sauce.

Private in-villa dining

One of the benefits of staying in an IVL concierge serviced villa is private dining. All of our villas come with complete kitchen and dining facilities for you to bring take out food, order from a wide range of restaurants, try your hand at cooking or book a world class chef to shop, prepare and serve food for you and your guests. If you have any questions about eating on Koh Samui or in villa dining please contact our concierge department for more information or call 09-8039-9830 (local number).