Phones, Wi-Fi and ATMs in Koh Samui

23 november 2015

IVL’s international team understands that travelling can occasionally be a hassle. We designed this article to help you with three things that matter to every tourist upon arrival in a new country, phones, Wi-Fi and ATMs. Some of the questions we often get include:

  • Will I be able to use my phone in Koh Samui?
  • Will I get Internet when I am outside the villa?
  • Does my credit card work in Samui?
  • Do Thai banks charge extra withdrawal fees?

Find the answers below.

Will I be able to use my phone in Koh Samui?

The answer to this question is YES, you should be able to use your phone in Koh Samui if the phone is not from last century. But there are a few things you should know;

  • If you do not use an international plan from your provider make sure you turn off the roaming on your phone or you will be charged large amounts of money on your next phone bill.
  • If you wish to get a new sim card while on Koh Samui the airport will most likely have representatives providing them for free (you can top up afterwards).
  • Talk is cheap on Koh Samui and topping up 200 THB goes a long way unless you make international calls. If you will need to make international calls, please make sure the sim card you select allows you to do so.
  • You can top up your phone at any convenience store like Family Mart or 7/11.
  • The airport will usually have some special deals where you can get packages including Internet and calls for 7 days at a good price.
  • The country code of Thailand is 011 66 or +66.
  • If you have other questions about cell phones and how to use them on the island please contact our concierge services at

Will I get Internet when I am outside the villa?

If you have subscribed to a Thai plan including internet for the length of your stay then you will be able to enjoy 3G or even 4G connectivity pretty much everywhere on the island. If you are using your international plan we advise you to check with your provider prior to departure to avoid discovering the plan did not include internet.

Many restaurants, supermarkets and bars around Koh Samui will offer free Wi-Fi.

IVL Tip: Koh Samui’s biggest shopping mall Central Festival located in the center of Chaweng, offers 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi to all visitors.

Please note that all IVL villas include access to high speed Internet for your comfort.

Does my credit card work on Koh Samui and do Thai banks charge withdrawal fees?

Yes, most banks in Thailand are accredited to accept your Visa, MasterCard and other major credit cards. If you are using your international credit card you will generally be charged a fee of 250 THB per transaction (approx $ 8 USD). As your bank might have a special partnership with a bank in Thailand, IVL suggests you confirm this prior to departure so you can use their ATMs and avoid paying additional fees.

Koh Samui has many banks and finding an ATM will be easy. They are usually bright in colour and expats living on the island often use the color of the bank to talk about it in order to avoid having to pronounce the sometimes complicated Thai name of the banks.

IVL Tip: Make sure to let your bank know you are visiting Thailand to avoid having them block your card when they see an activity overseas. When using your international card make sure you withdraw enough to avoid having to pay extra fees .

Should you have a question about phones, Wi-Fi or ATMs on the island please do not hesitate to contact our concierge service at