Panoramas From The Ridge

04 march 2016

Anyone who spends much time in Asia will agree that houses in the region don’t have to fight the battle of keeping out the cold. Surprisingly though, quite a few houses in the tropics don’t take as much advantage of light, air and space as they could. They end up being just boxes. Effortlessly veering away from such soullessness, a new project in the hills overlooking Choeng Mon, uses creative flair and imagination to bring a true sense of spaciousness: The Ridge.

The Ridge took part in the 2014 - 2015 Thailand Property Awards and was declared the winner of the Best Residential Development (Samui). The judges said of the development, ‘The quality of construction, attention to detail, and overall presentation of The Ridge sets it apart from other projects on Koh Samui.’

The winners of the property awards are all extremely skilled at what they do and they're passionate about it too. The company responsible for The Ridge, Panoramic Estate Company, is indeed exceptional. Their team is small, dedicated and cutting edge; it’s headed by Rodney Waller, and his partner Andrew Walmsley, who are both experienced developers. Rodney has written what many people firmly believe is the definitive guide to resort property in Thailand. His book, ‘The Essential Guide - Buying Property in Thailand’, takes you step by step through all the processes you'll need to master. It’s not a flimsy tome either – it took him a year to write and there are over 500 pages of solid, researched information. Even the most superficial reading will let you see that Rodney is deeply committed to the quality that ensues from correct preparation and thorough attention to detail in the execution phases. He has gone to extraordinary lengths to de-mystify the housing market here in Thailand, no easy task.

The Ridge is cut into the hillside and the villas have been designed to get the very best out of the views of the surroundings. Windows face out onto Choeng Mon and have views of the nearby island of Koh Phangan. Since you're high up you'll have a slightly airborne feel here. You can actually look way downwards and see Wat Plai Laem with its jewel of a temple. Not many people have such an interesting view, and it’s a wide one too, a panorama that takes in the entire headland and the sea beyond. You could easily pass a half  hour just staring out at what you see, and the best place to do so would be from the swimming pool, with its infinity edge that draws the gaze out towards the sweep of the headland beyond. The Ridge is well-located and just down the road from the property you'll find three roads that fan out to take you to the rest of the island. It’s very close to the airport – a ten-minute drive – five minutes to Choeng Mon’s beautiful beach and a little further to Chaweng.

Architecture at The Ridge is bold, with roofs sloping to afford the maximum play of light in the villas’ interiors, the use of curves to produce a sense of gracefulness that’s bound to please. Privacy’s also not been neglected, with landscaping and mature trees planted between plots and owners aren’t going to be overlooked by the other villas. The interiors are equally as well-designed, with white quartz surfaces and tropical hardwoods, and the use of soft lighting to ensure a relaxed feel once evening comes. Bathrooms feature floor-to-ceiling glass and the highest quality fittings while kitchen areas have been designed for easy cooking and entertainment in a stylish setting.

Light, spacious and letting the indoors and outdoors mingle together, The Ridge is ideal for those who appreciate freedom and well-being. The boutique development has just eight villas with only one remaining to be sold. All villas are available for rent exclusively through IVL Property.