• Can I pre-stock my villa?

    Yes you can. IVL Property Concierge department will help you make sure you have whatever you need before you even step foot in you holiday Villa. Please contact our Concierge department to know what is available on the island. Giving us your pre-stock list in advance will help us make sure we can get everything on your list before you arrive. IVL Property can also drive you to one of the many shopping experiences available on Koh Samui.

  • How can I get from the airport to my villa?

    IVL Property offers a transfer service from and to the airport. The charge is 600 THB per Van (8 pax maximum per Van). IVL Property also offers a car rental service with many different options. Check out our Concierge page to have a look at the different cars and motorbikes available. If the model is not on our list send a message to our concierge and we will try and find it for you. IVL Property can also arrange for a driver to take wherever you need to go. Please note that some cars will not be able to access some areas of the island, we will be delighted to advise you as to what car is better for your needs. You can also check out our blog posts for more information on “Driving in Samui”.

  • How can I get to Koh Samui?

    Getting to Koh Samui is as easy as 1, 2,3. If you are using an international airline that is not South East Asian chances are it will take you to Bangkok and then you will have to take a plane to Koh Samui (a very short flight, about an hour). If you are using a South East Asian Airline or coming from a South East Asian country you could be fortunate enough to take advantage of one of the many direct flights that Samui has started to offer. Here is a list of direct flights available that will make getting to Samui even easier, quicker and more comfortable:


    -       Bangkok (1 hr 10)

    -       Chiang Mai (1hr 45)

    -       Penang, Malaysia (1 hr 30)

    -       Hong Kong (3 hrs 25)

    -       Krabi (50 mins)

    -       Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1 hr 40)

    -       Kunming, China (2 hrs 45)

    -       Phuket (55 mins)

    -       Singapore (1hr 50)

    -       Utapao-Rayong-Pataya International Airport (1hr 10)

  • Can IVL help me with booking attractions around Koh Samui?

    Absolutely. Please look at the concierge service page of the IVL Property website for more information. After you book your villa and pay the deposit you will be assigned a personal punch years who will walk you through your options and arrange your schedule so you can relax and make the most of your holiday. 


    IVL recommends looking at attractions in advance as the more popular ones sellout quickly.

  • Can I use my cell phone in Thailand?

    To check if you can use your cell phone in Thailand we advise you to ask your service provider before leaving your country. It is also possible that your service provider offers international call/internet packages. If you do not have an international plan make sure you switch off the roaming on your phone, you could be charged a lot of money if you forgot to do so. It is also interesting to know that the Koh Samui Airport as well as most airports in Thailand will offer their travelers free Sim cards that are compatible with pay as you go plans. Calling in Thailand is not expensive and we would advise you to take a pre paid plan in order to make sure you do not exceed to minute allowance.

  • How about travel insurance?

    As IVL Property is not a travel agent we cannot sell you insurance though we do recommend seeing if your credit card covers you while you're overseas.  We are happy to provide a list of insurance brokers and travel agents who can sell you insurance to assure you feel comfortable while on holiday and engaging in various activities

  • Can IVL Property help me with airplane tickets?

    IVL is in the serviced villa rentals business and offers concierge services.  IVL is not a travel agency and can therefore not sell tickets but we can help you with airline schedules, flight numbers and transit information.

  • Is it expensive to stay in a private villa?

    Many of the villas that IVL Property represents sleeps six or more people.  When the guests share the expense of the villa you'll be pleasantly surprised to find the prices are often more reasonable than hotels on the beach.  Villas represent good value for money and allow you to customize your Koh Samui holiday experiences.

  • What's the difference between staying in a villa and staying in a hotel?

    Staying in a villa offers you, your friends and family a chance to stay in a more intimate location so you can enjoy time together when you're not visiting beaches, tourist attractions and partying.  IVL Property will assign you with the personal concierge who will help you with various services in your villa such as massage, meal delivery, entertainment and transportation to other activities.


    Relax in your private villa and feel like a celebrity while our knowledgeable and friendly staff takes care of you. 

  • What's the weather like on Koh Samui?

    Koh Samui is a tropical island and therefore it does not have 4 seasons like many other countries. Here in Koh Samui we have 3 seasons: Dry Season (December – February), Hot Season (March – August) and Rainy Season (September – November). The temperatures average between 26 C and 30 C. What we are trying to say is you can forget about packing the gloves and start investing in swimming suits.


  • Can you help me book attractions for my family?

    Yes most attractions can be booked directly online using our Concierge service. If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact our Concierge and she will help you with everything you need. Our concierge listing is divided in different categories making it easier for you to go straight to what you need, at IVL Property we know your time is precious so we made everything easier and more practical so you spend more time having fun than planning for it. We also have a large selection of activities for kids, check out our “Kid Corner” now.

  • Can I get a massage in my villa?

    Yes you can, IVL Property has partnered up with some of the best massage companies on the island to be able to offer you a five star experience in the comfort of your Villa. Contact our Concierge for more information on in-villa massages and to make a booking. Please book in advance in order for us to make sure you get the relaxation you deserve at the time of your choosing.

  • Can you help me arrange a game of golf?

    IVL Property has a partnership with all gold courses on Koh Samui and therefore we are able to arrange a game of golf for you. We can also organize a gold lesson with a professional Golf Player. Contact our concierge service to learn about rates and we can also advise on times of the day where it will be better for you to play, what gold course is better for you handicap and other details.

  • Can I get a driver to take my family around the island?

    IVL Property does offer a chauffeur service. You can choose to have a chauffeur for one day or for the whole duration of your stay with us. Please note that chauffeur have a minimum rate based on an 8 hours day of work, therefore you will need to be using the chauffeur a lot throughout the day. We can also arrange taxis and rent you cars and motorbike should it be more convenient for you. To book a chauffeur please check out our concierge page and send an email to our concierge to learn more about rates and availability.

  • Do you have family villas suitable for young children?

    Although most of our Villas have infinity pools which we do not recommend for young children we have villas where you kids will be able to play safely. When you are booking your Villa with our reservation team do no hesitate to ask him if the Villa you have selected is convenient for your children, if it is not our Reservation team will be happy to help find you a Villa that is more suitable for your family. 

  • How far is the villa from the beach?

    Contact our reservation department to learn more about the Villa you have selected. If we have tips on the best beaches around and how to get to them easily we will make sure to share those with you.

  • How much is an average meal?

    Koh Samui has a large selection of ethnic restaurants and it will depend on what kind of food you decide to enjoy. If you want traditional Thai you can probably get a full meal for around 200 to 250 THB (5.50 USD to 6.90 USD) but if you are looking at fancier restaurants then you can find pretty much any price. Contact our Concierge department to get information on the restaurants IVL Property is partnered with. Hint: We can also make the reservation for you.

  • Do we get charged extra if guests stay over?

    Unfortunately we have legal obligation to let immigration know of every paying guests staying at our Villas. Therefore we cannot accept extra guests that have not been registered during the booking process of your Villa. Should you require room for your guests we can help you arrange it.

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